Twingo TV Bingo
It's Bingo for Everything!

Twingo® is the free buzzword bingo game you play at home while watching your favorite TV shows and more! Add to the fun of your live viewing party and be the first to share your winning card on social media!

Now available for both iOS and Android, so join the Live TV Bingo and #LivePDBingo crazes today!

Twingo rotates a selection of TV Bingo games including:

  • Live PD Bingo
  • The Voice Bingo
  • Survivor Bingo
  • The Bachelor Bingo
  • Curse of Oak Island Bingo
  • Football and Hockey Bingo
  • 90 Day Fiance Bingo
  • Real Housewives Bingo
  • The Walking Dead Bingo
  • Judge Judy Bingo (new!)
...with new reality TV and other show cards added regularly. We've also added miscellaneous games such as Trump POTUS Daily Bingo, Walmart Bingo, Office Meeting, Airport and Road Trip, and sports like NFL football, NHL hockey, MLB baseball and NASCAR Bingos.

Each time you open the app it will automatically check for the latest Twingo content: new games, new cards, new daubers, fresh squares and jargon data and more. With more shows and dynamic live content, Twingo is more than LivePD Bingo. It really is Bingo for Everything!



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